Dienstag, 7. Juni 2016

Studying With Mental Illnis

So since I won't pass this year and I have to redo it. I just want to share this tips I stumbled up on tumblr. Maybe it can helps some of you as well, 

  • try the pomodoro technique: force yourself to work for 5 mins, and then continue if you feel up to it
  • set rewards and stick to them: reward yourself for being productive
  • practice self care: clean your study space, make yourself a cup of tea, and play soothing music. all can lift you up (at least partially) from a depressive episode

  • make a schedule and set goals: while this works for everything, it is especially helpful for anxiety. you can often overwork because you are anxious with the results, which can actually make your work less quality. set reasonable goals such as “type a draft,” “do 10 problems,” or “
  • tune out electronics: if you have social anxiety, it’s difficult to focus when you know your friends are trying to contact you. keep your phone in another room, and get apps on your computer to block social media sites.

  • know your learning style: are you a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner? knowing this can help you organize your notes in a way to best assist your studying.
  • don’t do drugs!: if you are taking meds (or even if you’re not) do not consume large amounts of alcohol or drugs!
  • clear your space: find a quiet space with only your needed study materials as to not get distracted.

  • break it up: distribute your work into small chunks. if you are cramming, chances are it will not stick. review before bed for 15 mins, and study for a little each day before a test.
  • exercise: (this is for everyone) exercise with boost focus, especially for people with adhd. you can also study while you exercise with audiobooks or videos
  • taste and smell: chewing gum or smelling a candle while studying can imprint the information in your mind in a more concrete way. this way, when you recall the taste or smell, you can recall the information that comes with it.

  • sleep!!: sleep deprivation triggers mania and depression, especially in universities, where binge drinking and drug use are often common. keep regular hours.
  • support system: build a support system of trusted friends, teachers, and advisors. make sure they can help you out of episodes and get you back into productivity
  • follow the tips on depression for when you have a depressive episode

  • inform your teachers or counselors: schizophrenia is a tough mental illness to deal with. alert your school nurse or counselor that you could be missing school or have to have special extension dates. they can help a lot!
  • don’t overload: do not overload yourself with work. again, long hours and stress can cause your schizophrenia to act up.
  • again, practice self care to center yourself, especially after a period of hallucinations or paranoia

Montag, 25. Januar 2016

Reasons to stay alive

learning to speak and read japanese
moving to japan
get to know a lot of cool inspirational peoples
getting a tattoo by a certain tattooist (?)
Spring flowers
growing long white legolas hair
be the person I want to be
Baltic Sea
being with my family
my warm cozy bed
attending a lot of csd's
going on concerts with my aunt (I have a cool aunt btw.)
maybe feeling how it is to love someone and be loved back someday
need to play all the cool games 
need to read all the awesome books
need to know how tokyo ghoul ends 
becoming better with drawing step by step 
lush baths
getting a dog one day 

well this is more then expexted 

Donnerstag, 3. Dezember 2015

Embrace me so tight, I break.

Today is a day I'm deep into my depressions again. I mean they're always there. But right know there are only sad thoughts in my mind. School was exhausting even though we had only 5 lessons because the first 3 were canceled. Maybe I didn't eat enough or not enough sleep like always idk.

I just realized how I will loose everything which was ever given to me.

Youth. Family. Friends.

I will die with nothing left.

Dienstag, 17. November 2015

Update - new theme?

Looong time no see guys ( do you still know who I am?)
Can't believe I once blogged here on a regular basis ~ but yeah that was before twitter, instagram, etc. took over. So here is a little update for you. Remember my last post? How I was so happy about how nice and clean my new room was? Well, now it's a mess. So the mission is clearly. Clean that damn room lazy boy! And stopp spending all your money on food! Like seriously 30 € is a wayyy too much per week.

I really need to change the theme of this blog. It doesn't fit me anymore. But I don't really know which way ... maybe I just do another backround and a new header. You'll see it then.

Maybe I do some little posts like this more often. No those really massive posts that take 2 hours to make (with uploading pictures). Just what happend that day, which song I don't get out of my head, what I'm wearing and stuff like this. 

Montag, 24. August 2015

Back to school!

When I eat junk I feel like crap. Too much cookies! =A=

But first let's talk about what happened the last days. After a long period of avoiding school (over 1 1/2 years, because of my mental health problems) I'm going to school again. I live in a dorm near my school and my room is really cute! I feel comfortable here. I call the dorm lovingly "the burrow" because it's like a Labyrinth! My room is on the 5th floor but before I can enter the staircase which leads there, I have to go trough the basement. After I went up 10 stairs I finally arrive in my room and have the greatest few over Erfurt ever!

My room is furnished with nice Ikea furniture and I have a FRIDGE !!!


There is also a small Tv in my room. Oh and I have the best w-lan connection ever! That's luxus for me because our w-lan at home hates me and I can barely watch yt videos. ;; 

And that is my desk: 

My Beeeeed! <3 

~ with bed storage boxes ~
I put my art stuff in there. 

Oh and I thought that my vegan diet would become a problem, but I talked to the cook and he said that it is no problem. ^v^ I hope I can make friends with some other vegans, which can show me some cool places here. ~ 

Btw. this was todays dinner: 

After I slept really peacful in my new bed tonight (I sleep on a sofa at home u.u) and did some streches, I put my clothes and make up on ... yeah an then I was kinda afraid to go to the dining room. But no one else was there exept one girl. Then I went over to my new school and awkwardly standing on the schoolyard waiting for something happening. After some minutes
standing there someone was calling my name! And it was a girl I was together in the hospital almost two years ago. Yeah seems like we are in the same class now!

Another thing, you might wonder where all my old posts are gone. Well, I
deleted them all. Because they made me feel uncomfortable. I wanted a new start, so I killed my past self. uwu

~ Byby ~