Dienstag, 7. Juni 2016

Studying With Mental Illnis

So since I won't pass this year and I have to redo it. I just want to share this tips I stumbled up on tumblr. Maybe it can helps some of you as well, 

  • try the pomodoro technique: force yourself to work for 5 mins, and then continue if you feel up to it
  • set rewards and stick to them: reward yourself for being productive
  • practice self care: clean your study space, make yourself a cup of tea, and play soothing music. all can lift you up (at least partially) from a depressive episode

  • make a schedule and set goals: while this works for everything, it is especially helpful for anxiety. you can often overwork because you are anxious with the results, which can actually make your work less quality. set reasonable goals such as “type a draft,” “do 10 problems,” or “
  • tune out electronics: if you have social anxiety, it’s difficult to focus when you know your friends are trying to contact you. keep your phone in another room, and get apps on your computer to block social media sites.

  • know your learning style: are you a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner? knowing this can help you organize your notes in a way to best assist your studying.
  • don’t do drugs!: if you are taking meds (or even if you’re not) do not consume large amounts of alcohol or drugs!
  • clear your space: find a quiet space with only your needed study materials as to not get distracted.

  • break it up: distribute your work into small chunks. if you are cramming, chances are it will not stick. review before bed for 15 mins, and study for a little each day before a test.
  • exercise: (this is for everyone) exercise with boost focus, especially for people with adhd. you can also study while you exercise with audiobooks or videos
  • taste and smell: chewing gum or smelling a candle while studying can imprint the information in your mind in a more concrete way. this way, when you recall the taste or smell, you can recall the information that comes with it.

  • sleep!!: sleep deprivation triggers mania and depression, especially in universities, where binge drinking and drug use are often common. keep regular hours.
  • support system: build a support system of trusted friends, teachers, and advisors. make sure they can help you out of episodes and get you back into productivity
  • follow the tips on depression for when you have a depressive episode

  • inform your teachers or counselors: schizophrenia is a tough mental illness to deal with. alert your school nurse or counselor that you could be missing school or have to have special extension dates. they can help a lot!
  • don’t overload: do not overload yourself with work. again, long hours and stress can cause your schizophrenia to act up.
  • again, practice self care to center yourself, especially after a period of hallucinations or paranoia


  1. Genau das habe ich mir in den letzten Monaten auch gedacht...habe vielleicht noch 5 aktive Blogs in meiner Liste von vielleicht 70? Echt schade, wenn man so daran denkt, wie es hier vor zwei oder drei Jahren war.

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