Dienstag, 17. November 2015

Update - new theme?

Looong time no see guys ( do you still know who I am?)
Can't believe I once blogged here on a regular basis ~ but yeah that was before twitter, instagram, etc. took over. So here is a little update for you. Remember my last post? How I was so happy about how nice and clean my new room was? Well, now it's a mess. So the mission is clearly. Clean that damn room lazy boy! And stopp spending all your money on food! Like seriously 30 € is a wayyy too much per week.

I really need to change the theme of this blog. It doesn't fit me anymore. But I don't really know which way ... maybe I just do another backround and a new header. You'll see it then.

Maybe I do some little posts like this more often. No those really massive posts that take 2 hours to make (with uploading pictures). Just what happend that day, which song I don't get out of my head, what I'm wearing and stuff like this.